South Beach Lean

Extravagant & Delicious

Our Culinary team makes every plate fresh with high quality ingredients, attention to detail and presentation.


Our restaurant's specialty is healthy food, delicious cuisine, spectacular presentation with bold international flavors. Located in trendy South Beach, we are uniquely different in our approach to quality ingredients and healthy dishes. South Beach Lean Sushi Bar & Lounge says no to overpriced dining, highly processed food with preservatives, fillers, stabilizers, artificial colors and flavors. Our strict food standards and GMO-free approach attract savvy diners conscious about their health.

South Beach Lean strives to make a difference by promoting healthy choices and embracing change.

Chic Ambiance.

Our one of a kind restaurant concept, incorporates high tech IPAD tables with a chic deco style design. Allowing diners to order from our tasteful, impressive menu directly from their table. Organics is our anthem, by bringing the essence of healthy foods and flavors to our diners table. We keep true to our slogan of clean dining and healthy choices. Our concept goes beyond Healthy and Organics because our goal is to please every diner in unique style.
Eat Healthy - Live Longer

Our south beach restaurant offers many food choice for healthier, GMO free, flavorful dining, that promotes healthy eating, and offers a delicuous way for our customers to take better care of themselves.